Jack-Em 1 Ounce Bama Bug Football Head Jig


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Jack-Em Football Head Jigs feature the wickedly sharp curved shank wide gap Gamakatsu flat-eye, heavy duty hook that is designed with the point of the hook set higher than the eye to aid in solid hook-ups when setting the steel on fish that strike. The football head design helps give an enticing stand-up presentation on the bottom while working through structure. Each Jig is hand tied and is painted with multiple layers of powder coat and finished with multiple layers of clear powder coat for a finish that is durable to allow for extended use.

  • Jack-Em Football Head Jig
  • Weight: 1 Ounce
  • Color: Select from Multiple Colors and Clear Coat Finishes (Pictured with Green Pumpkin/Clear)
  • Hook: Gamakatsu 684 Curved Shank 6/0
  • Skirt: Green Pumpkin, Black and Purple with Light Blue Glitter